Hello Reader!

Are you an avid reader of clean, inspirational fiction?

Do you love telling others about your latest read?

If so, we invite you to apply to the launch team for The Edge of Belonging by filling out the short form below.*

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A launch team helps a new book stand out in this noisy world. Whether you’re a bookstagramer, book blogger, or simply a lover of fiction, we need you on our team to make The Edge of Belonging‘s launch is a success!

What can launch team members for The Edge of Belonging expect from the experience?

  • Launch team members will receive an advanced reader copy of the book (paperback copy for US and Canada residents, digital for those outside those areas).
  • Team members will be invited to a small, private Facebook group that provides a book-club like atmospheres, direct connection with the author, and special giveaways
  • Team members will be provided with easy to share promotional materials like links, social media graphics, bookmarks, etc.

What is expected of launch team members?

  • That each team member will read The Edge of Belonging and leave an honest review at least one retailer website and sites like GoodReads. Reviews are huge in helping readers decide if they want to try a new author!
  • Spread the word any way you are able, especially during the two weeks prior and the two weeks after the book’s release on Sept. 8th. This can include things like sharing social media graphics, requesting it at your local library, and recommending it to your friends and book clubs.
  • Interact with the launch team on the private Facebook group.

*As much as we would love to accept all who are interested, there is limited space available. Please apply below!